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2018 EICA 胡智 Strength and Deformation of Unsaturated Compacted Clay under Wetting-Drying Cycles
2018 EICA 崔惜琳 Experiment and numerical simulation on seepage failure of sand caused by leakage of underground water pipe
2018 SSCI2 李进涛 Simulating the Barriers of Transaction Costs to Public Rental Housing Exits: The Case of Wuhan, China
2018 SCI3 刘永莉 Research on the layout of optical fibers applied for determining the integrity of cast-in-situ piles
2018 SCI4 李金兰 A Geo-Ecological Study and Application of Elastoplastic Damage Constitutive Model for Mudstone
2018 SCI2 王迎斌 Self-hydration characteristics of ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS) by wet-grinding treatment
2018 SCI4 王迎斌 Effect of aluminium phases on thaumasite formation in cement slurries containing limestone powder
2018 SCI2 杨进 Pore structure evaluation of cementing composites blended with coal by-products: Calcined coal gangue and coal fly ash
2018 SCI4 张娟 A Brief Review of Some Current Improvements in ABE Production: New Development of Raw Materials, Strain Improvement, Fermentation Systems, and End Product Extraction
2018 CSSCI 潘超 长江流域鄂西四河流大型底栖动物群落结构特征及水质生物学评价
2018 CSSCI 潘超 神农架大九湖后生浮游动物群落结构和水质评价
2018 EIJA    刘林峰 Phytoplankton community structure and trophic status evaluation in Dajiuhu wetland of Shennongjia Alpine
2018 SCI3    王瑜婷 Water resources carrying capacity evaluation of a dense city group: a comprehensive water resources carrying capacity evaluation model of Wuhan urban agglomeration
2018 EIJA 李丽华 Model test and mechanical properties study of reinforced earth retaining wall
2018 EIJA 李扬 Durability of reinforced concrete structures under coupling action of load and chlorine erosion
2018 SCI3 刘瑞芬 Pore Structure and Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Engineered Media for Living Roofs and Bioretention Based on Water Retention Data
2018 EIJA 马强 Embankment Filling Loads on an Assembled Concrete Culvert beneath High Embankment
2018 SCI3 马强 Functionality Study on Light-Weight Ecological Substrate
2018 SCI4 马强 Studying Shear Performance of Flax Fiber-Reinforced Clay by Triaxial Test
2018 SCI4 段晓雪 Application of Modified Electrocoagulation for Efficient Color Removal from Synthetic Methylene Blue Wastewater
2018 EIJA 吴潘 Effect of electric field strength on electro-dewatering efficiency for river sediments by horizontal electric field
2018 EIJA 吴潘 Comparison of horizontal and vertical electric field in the treatment of river sediment by electro-dewatering
2018 SCI1 熊婕 Combination of fish oil and ethanol extracts from Spirulina platensis inhibits the airway inflammation induced by ovalbumin in mice
2018 EIJA 王超 Time-varying parametric identification of multi-layer shear structures based on wavelet transform and sub-structure method
2018 EIJA 王超 Structural time-varying parameter identification based on synchrosqueezed wavelet transform
2018 SCI4 邢琼 CFD Analysis of Wind Interference Effects of Three High-rise Buildings
2018 EIJA 陶高梁 Study of relationship between soil-water characteristic curve and NMR curve
2018 EIJA 陶高梁 Predicting soil-water retention curve based on NMR technology and fractal theory
2018 EIJA 陶高梁 Determination of the residual water content of SWCC based on the soil moisture evaporation properties and micro pore characteristics
2018 SCI3 陶高梁 A Simple Fractal-Based Model for Soil-Water Characteristic Curves Incorporating Effects of Initial Void Ratios
2018 EIJA 陶高梁 Prediction of air-entry value and soil-water characteristic curve of soils with different initial void ratios
2018 SCI2 贺行洋 The effect of ultrahigh volume ultrafine blast furnace slag on the properties of cement pastes
2018 SCI/EIJA 贺行洋 Physico-chemical Characteristics of Wet-milled Ultrafine-granulated Phosphorus Slag as a Supplementary Cementitious Material
2018 SCI2 张帆 Characterization of the mechanical properties of a claystone by nano-indentation and homogenization
2018 SCI2 张帆 Laboratory Investigation on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Granite After Heating and Water-Cooling Treatment
2018 SCI2 张帆 Creep Strain and Permeability Evolution in Cracked Granite Subjected to Triaxial Stress and Reactive Flow
2018 SCI4 江维薇 Object-based deep convolutional autoencoders for high-resolution remote sensing image classification
2018 CSSCI 啜明英 整流幕对香溪河库湾水温特性影响数值模拟
2018 CSSCI 刘晋高 防控三峡水库支流水华的生态约束型优化调度
2018 SCI3 杨正健 Hydrodynamic mechanisms underlying periodic algal blooms in the tributary bay of a subtropical reservoir
2018 SCI2 杨正健 Stable isotopes in water indicate sources of nutrients that drive algal blooms in the tributary bay of a subtropical reservoir
2018 EIJA 望雪 Differences in Diffusive Fluxes of Nutrients from Sediment Between the Natural River Areas and Reservoirs in the Lancang River Basin
2018 EIJA 徐雅倩 Dynamic Replenishment Process of Nutrients in Tributary of Channel Reservoir
2018 EIJA 程豹 Bacterioplankton Community Structure in the Lancang River Basin and the Analysis of Its Driving Environmental Factors
2018 EIJA 啜明英 Effects of the impounding process during the flood season on algal blooms in Xiangxi Bay in the Three Gorges Reservoir, China
2019 EICA 李丽华 Experimental Study on the Properties of Geocell-Reinforced Embankments
2019 EICA 李丽华 The Properties of Reinforced Retaining Wall Under Cyclic Loading
2019 SCI4 白应华 Experimental Study of Carbonation Resistance of Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete
2019 SCI3 陈升平 Bending Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams
2019 SCI3 陈顺 Microemulsion Synthesis of Nanosized Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate and Its Morphology Control by Different Surfactants
2019 SCI4 陈顺 Micro-environment regulation synthesis of calcium sulfate nanoparticles and its water removal application
2019 SCI4 陈威 Enhanced microwave absorption properties of nickel-coated carbon fiber/glass fiber hybrid epoxy composites-towards an industrial reality
2019 SCI2 程凯 Cyanophage Propagation in the Freshwater Cyanobacterium Phormidium Is Constrained by Phosphorus Limitation and Enhanced by Elevated pCO(2)
2019 EIJA 金翠萍 The influence of different carbon sources on the nitrogen removal characters of a Delftia tsuruhatensis HT01
2019 EIJA 熊英 Nitrogen removal characteristics of a highly adaptable Nitrosomonas eutropha CZ-4
2019 SCI3 何俊 Shear Strength of Stabilized Clay Treated with Soda Residue and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag
2019 SCI4 胡智 Effect of Wetting-Drying Cycles on Mechanical Behaviour and Electrical Resistivity of Unsaturated Subgrade Soil
2019 SCI3 江波 Technical Evaluation Method for Physical Property Changes due to Environmental Degradation of Grout-Injection Repair Materials for Water-Leakage Cracks
2019 SSCI1 李进涛 Assessment of Barriers to Public Rental Housing Exits: Evidence from tenants in Beijing, China
2019 SSCI3 李进涛 Residential Satisfaction among Resettled Tenants in Public Rental Housing in Wuhan, China
2019 SCI1 李丽华 Experimental study of embankments with different reinforcement materials and spacing between layers
2019 SCI4 李丽华 Experimental Investigations on Effect of Geocell, Waste Tire Chips, and Geocell-Tire Chips on Foundation Reinforcement
2019 SCI4 李丽华 Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Behaviors of Fiber-Reinforced Fly Ash-Soil Mixture
2019 SCI1 李倩 Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles Do Not Adversely Impact Carotenoid Bioaccessibility from Tomatoes Consumed with Different Nanoemulsions: In Vitro Digestion Study
2019 SCI3 李雪松 Study on the relationship between urban land sprawl extension and urban thermal environment-taking Wuhan city as an example
2019 SCI4 黄中华 Corrosion resistance behavior of 304LN steel with welds under different cryogenic treatments
2019 SCI4 沈子豪 Thermal stress evolution and mechanical/physical properties of 304LN weldments subjected to deep cryogenic treatment
2019 SCI4 李扬 Measurement and Analysis of Coefficients of Thermal Expansion of Mortar and Limestone Cooled to Cryogenic Temperatures
2019 EIJA 刘永莉 Study on optical fiber layout optimization of DTS for detecting the integrity of cast-in-place piles
2019 SCI3 马强 Calculation of earth pressure on culvert underlying flexible subgrade
2019 SCI4 马强 Study on the mechanical properties of flax fiber-reinforced silty clay contaminated by zinc-ion solution
2019 SCI4 马强 Large-Scale Direct Shear Test on Scrap Tire Strip Reinforced Brick Powder
2019 SCI4 马强 Model Tests of Earth Pressure on Buried Rigid Pipes and Flexible Pipes underneath Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
2019 EIJA 马强 DEM study on interface performance of geogrid-reinforced glass sand
2019 SCI3/EIJA 马强 Thermal Properties of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Lightweight Substrate for Ecological Slope Protection
2019 SCI2 吴攀 Effect of electric field strength on electro-dewatering efficiency for river sediments by horizontal electric field
2019 SCI3 吴攀 Na2SO4 addition on electro-dewatering of urban river sediment by horizontal circular electric field: Comparison of three different electrodes
2019 SCI3 吴攀 Comparison of horizontal and vertical electric field in the treatment of river sediment by electro-dewatering
2019 SCI1 韩北 Influence of pore pressure on plastic deformation and strength of limestone under compressive stress
2019 EIJA 苏英 Structure Analysis on Hydration Products of Ultra-fine Fly Ash Activated by Weak Alkali
2019 EIJA 苏瑜 Approach of non-probabilistic reliability topology optimization using evidence theory
2019 SCI2 陶高梁 A Fractal Approach for Predicting Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Deformable Clay
2019 SCI3 陶高梁 Determining Soil-Water Characteristic Curves from Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter Test Data Using Fractal Theory
2019 SCI4 陶高梁 Numerical Simulation and Microscopic Stress Mechanism for the Microscopic Pore Deformation during Soil Compression
2019 EIJA 陶高梁 Experimental study and model prediction of permeability coefficient of unsaturated clay with different initial void ratios
2019 EIJA 陶高梁 Critical pore-size phenomenon and intrinsic fractal characteristic of clay in process of compression
2019 EIJA 田密 Comparative study on the quantitative analysis methods of inherent spatial variability of soil properties based on indirect test data
2019 EIJA 田密 Method for determining minimum test data quantity for geotechnical engineering investigation
2019 SCI4 万娟 Study on Mechanical and Ecological Properties of Fly Ash Substrate for Ecological Slope Protection
2019 SCI3 汪淑廉 Detoxification of Cylindrospermopsin by Pyrite in Water
2019 SCI4 王超 A wavelet transform and substructure algorithm for tracking the abrupt stiffness degradation of shear structure
2019 EIJA 王绪民 Construction process cost game based on principal-agent model
2019 SCI2 王迎斌 Efficiency of wet-grinding on the mechano-chemical activation of granulated blast furnace slag (GBFS)
2019 SCI2 王迎斌 Stearic-capric acid/porous nanoceramics as a novel form-stable composite phase change material (FSPCM) for thermal energy storage
2019 EIJA 翁传松 Influence of Rainfall on the in situ Growth of Dominant Algae Species in Xiangxi River
2019 EIJA 肖衡林 Influence of temperature on BOTDR used to monitor stabilizing piles
2019 SCI1 杨进 Eco-friendly treatment of low-calcium coal fly ash for high pozzolanic reactivity: A step towards waste utilization in sustainable building material
2019 SCI1 杨进 Pore structure of affected zone around saturated and large superabsorbent polymers in cement paste
2019 SCI2 杨进 Segmented fractal pore structure covering nano- and micro-ranges in cementing composites produced with GGBS
2019 SCI1 余迎松 Evaporation of ethanol/water mixture droplets on micro-patterned PDMS surfaces
2019 SCI2 余迎松 Evaporative deposition of mono- and bi-dispersed colloids on a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) surface
2019 SCI3 余迎松 Evaporation of ethanol/water mixture droplets on a pillar-like PDMS surface
2019 SCI2 张帆 Evolution of bulk compressibility and permeability of granite due to thermal cracking
2019 EIJA 庄心善 Comparative study on characteristic of hysteretic curves of expansive soil improved by weathered sand
2019 EIJA 庄心善 Experimental study on dynamic characteristics of expansive soil modified by weathered sand
2019 EICA 王绪民 Experimental Study on the Unconfined Compressive Strength of Artificially Cemented Sand
2019 EICA 李扬 GFRP Reinforced Concrete Adhesion in Low Temperature Environment
2019 EICA 李扬 Experimental study on elastic modulus of concrete mortar under high temperature
2019 EICA 李扬 Mechanical properties of ultra-low temperature mortar stone
2019 EICA 田密 Comparison of different calculation methods for estimating scale of fluctuation of design soil properties based on indirect measurement data
2019 EICA 蒋俊玲 Meso-damaged VIB analysis for whole failure process of rock
2019 EICA 柯长仁 Mechanical Effect Analysis of Joint Surface of Rock with Different Roughness
2019 EICA 柯长仁 Analysis of shear failure process of jointed rock
2019 EICA 丁祥 Modelling proppant embedment in viscoelastic formations with the fractional maxwell model
2019 EICA 江维薇 Vegetation dynamic in the water level fluctuating zone of Three Gorges reservoir area during 2015-2018 using GF-2